Cement, Steel & Sunny Days

Oh oh oh it is just so exciting!!! I am so gutted I couldn’t be at home today (as I had work, I will explain this in a minute) because the steel was being put up!

After a tremendous amount of effort from Dave to get the concrete done he had a well earned holiday while it set so this week it was all go again. We came home last night to find big steel frames connected and ready to be put in place…..

It took a while to Alan and I to figure out how the worked and the looked really rather small…..they really aren’t but when they are lying down the perspective goes doolally!

Today however it was all hands on deck to get them up and in place. Gordon (Alan’s Dad) Hywel (Alan’s uncle) and Alan were all there to lend Dave a hand getting bits in place and bolted together.

Here are the pictures and little video clips Alan sent me.

And a quick video Alan sent of the steel frame being rotated to be the right way round. I love the bit where Hywel goes for a little ride on the frame 🙂

As I mentioned I was working and couldn’t be there to watch but it really is very exciting to see even more progress (yes I’m aware I keep using that word) excited to see the next stages 🙂

Right the working thing.

So a couple of posts ago I mentioned the frustration of freelance work and how I wasn’t busy and lost my mojo. Well I have sent a load of emails to a load of people and had very kind replies from most which was lovely. Nothing has yet come from it but it gets my name out there and it felt like a real positive step.

Aside from the freelance I started looking for some kind of part time work to help me feel like I was earning regularly and contributing a little more to our finance both saving and daily needs etc. I managed to fine work for a plant nursery working in a small independent plant centre…..One of the downsides….I am working on my own for 8 hours without a proper break which pretty much sucks…..so I am looking around to keep pushing my design and try and fine work more appropriate but for now it is some income which is the first time in 2 years I have worked in a ‘proper job’.

What’s quite odd is that I did one full shift in the shop and was then given keys and was opening up and cashing up on my own the next day. I haven’t worked here long and basically I do everything. So glad I pick things up like tills quickly!

Anyway for now this will do, oh the sunny days element. Well pretty obvious that the weather has been nice but I also got to see one of my oldest friends and her husband at the weekend. They came and stayed in our little caravan it was lovely to see them, we played games and had a proper laugh and though the weather was a little cold and grey they made it a very sunny few days!!


Full blown progress!!

Genuine progress has occurred. And though we knew it would happen it is nice to see something happening.

We are really starting to get excited now and see that we will one day have a house….can’t wait to see a bit more once the concrete is set and the steel can go up 🙂