It’s been a while….

….since I posted on here. Lots has happened and changed.

First off we have a puppy!!! She is super cute and fluffy but likes to pee and poo….a lot!

Sadly when we first got her it was pretty clear she had fleas, which she must have had from where she was living due to the size of them. We quickly got that treated and cleaned the caravan to prevent their return…..we hope!

Here she is the day we got her…

She didn’t settle well at night to start with and we had 3 days of very little sleep and I was at the stage of giving up!

This was when we then found the fleas so we took her to the vets a day early and turns out we were better off leaving her in her crate in a different room and just ignoring her crying…..we are slowly getting there but she does bark to start with but does eventually settle.

Need to do a bit more training to get her used to her crate but she is sitting and can lay down and is very playful!

It’s been hard to get work done and I am exhausted and doing all this training and making sure she is okay and well behaved which has been hard. Fingers crossed we can get some more training done together!

Here are a few more pictures of the little munchkin!

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