Small Progress!

WE HAVE SOLD OUR HOUSE!! Now I know we have been talking about it for ages, as we accepted an offer a long time ago BUT we have completed, handed over the keys are had the money through so the house is officially gone!!

Here is our Ivy looking a little cleaner and tidier than ever!

It was sad to see her go but both Alan and I have not really felt much once gone. We both figured we would be really upset but neither of us are, well I am little but no where near as much as I thought I would be.

I think the gradual transition to the caravan has helped, and the fact we had been living primarily in the caravan helped. This along with the fact that the house became a bit of a burden.

Today I have been enjoying a gloriously sunny day looking at where we will soon see the starts of a house, our house!


I can’t wait to see this plot slowly grown and become the house we have been planning and thinking about for the last year.

We have also been making small final improvements to the caravan like some new flooring in the kitchen;


Fingers crossed it will be a tiny bit warmer. Then I have also planted up some bulbs in pots to make the entrance to the caravan a little more homely.

We also now have a home for our gnome so we don’t keep tripping over him inside! Though they are only little changes they make a big difference to life in such a small space after our house! I am loving seeing all the birds feeding on the bird feeder we were kindly given by my in-laws last year, so many beautiful birds feeding until the big jackdaws turn up, or the occasional squirrel.

I am also following Weight Watchers at the moment which has been a big success so far. Thanks to some encouragement from my best friend, Amy, I have started going to the meetings and in the last 2 weeks I have lost 7.5lb and have my 3 week weigh in tonight so fingers crossed for that!

Just a few of the meals I have cooked, including the Steak dinner we had for Valentines!!

The other benefit to being in the Caravan now and this being home is the lovely area we are in and the fact that I can just pop out and walk down the canal for a bit of fresh air and exercise. And I mean, look how pretty it is!

I love it, I also love how quiet it is and private it is, even more beneficial when it is cold and I end up going out in this….

It is the most comfortable jumper I have had in a long time but I mean look at the picture on the front!! Don’t get me wrong I LOVE the Harry Potter books but this is just ludicrous!! My husband thought it was amusing, I find it embarrassing so I am glad there are few people around when on my walks! Fingers crossed I will be joined by a lovely Dog on my walks! It will be very lovely to have some company on the walks and while I work so watch this space!