Fake Aways

So Alan and I love a take-away, though when you are a giant whale needing to loose weight take-aways are not your friend!

In a bid to be healthier and also help save a bit of money, I came up with the idea of doing a Fake-away instead. This means if we fancy pizza we get shop bought pizzas or do home made pizzas.

This came from a weekend when we didn’t have anything for tea and neither of us wanted to cook but we couldn’t afford to be naughty. So we went to Morrison’s and found their Chinese ready meals. Normally I am well fussy with these things, but since finding I like sweet and sour chicken (I went off it as a Kid and never ate it) there are more options for me. Anyway, in Morrison’s you can get two mains and 2 sides for £7. So 2 rice and a main each is a LOT cheaper than anywhere else! We added duck spring rolls and some Prawn crackers bringing the bill to £10 for a very very lovely dinner. Saving ourselves at least £20.

Now I am not foolish enough to think these meals are exactly healthy but they are a lot healthier that the takeaways as they are not cooked in anywhere near as much grease. Homemade pizzas are definitely better than shop bought ones but they are also a lot better than a pizza from Domino’s etc.

If you want to be even healthier you can use Fajita wraps as the pizza base, they are quick and easy, taking only 10 minutes in the oven. I tend to get the Sainsbury’s own pizza topping sauce, or I cheat and use any kind of pasta sauce instead!

Top it with peppers, bacon (from Medalions), sweetcorn, be good to yourself Mozzarella and a bit of grated cheese and you have yourself a nice and easy pizza.

We haven’t figured out the curry version of a fake-away as I have no idea how to cook them and the ready-meals you can get are still pretty bad but no where near as horrendous as when you eat out. especially when it is a Korma which is full of cream!! It’s a shame really as it is probably our favourite!

Anyway, my idea is to do Fake-Away Fridays when I take the cuisine we would normally order in and find a cheaper and healthier substitute that is still satisfying and tasty. This will hopefully save us a bit of cash and make a good impact on the food we eat.