Goodbye 2017….

Well I have reached the end of 2017 and nothing much has changed. All my plans to get healthy and fit have been unachieved. Standard. 

I have reasons and most of them excuses. But some great developments. Our house has sold, well almost, we are hoping to complete over the next few weeks so we have started the moving out process. 

Having been away over Christmas we came home, hired a van and managed to pack most of our stuff and some bits of furniture up in the first step towards moving out. A busy day but worth it. The caravan is getting more sorted and starting to feel more like home with more of our stuff and some new carpet down which I did myself. That really was a challenge! 

Here are some pictures of that process!

So this was just the underlay down, we found a really thin but super insulating underlay for the caravan as warmth was key! A slightly odd texture but has been amazing.

As you can see our new carpet is a slightly nicer colour than the pink. The other thing I discovered was that the pink carpet was laid straight on to the wooden floor of the caravan so this added insulation and carpet layers are bound to make a difference. 

I was really pleased with the results. I mean don’t get me wrong it’s not perfect, far from it in places but it has made a huge huge difference. 

We have also done the hallway and the spare room and once we are fully sorted and settled I will post some pictures of that too. 

Alan has also done an awesome job outside the caravan helping to box in the caravan and protect it from the wind! And sort the steps out. Again when we are done I will get some pictures posted. 

It all feels more real now, seeing as we have emptied a few rooms in Ivy and once the house has gone through we will start to see the new house go up and I can be posting bits about that exciting adventure! Which will be far more interesting 🙂

My health has been pretty dodgy this year, so I am hoping that in the new year I can make some changes to improve that. Starting with loosing weight and getting a bit fitter and hopefully happier 🙂 

We have had some fun times recently though with the lovely snow and adventure of getting stuck in the snow and ending up staying in a random hotel for the night. 

This was us stranded in stokenchurch, a pretty little place with a lovely little hotel. A little adventure after our trip down south! 

We also had some fun times in the snow with my parents and their dog Alfie! 

We have also had a lovely Christmas with lots of family including my Brother, his wife and their baby bump 🙂 

It’s been a manic and crazy last few months with lots of back and forth and being crazy busy. We are looking forward to a new year and a new chapter in our lives and hopefully finally starting the most exciting chapter so far!! 

Oh and Fingers crossed there will be a dog added to our little family soon too! I have been promised 🙂