Feeling insanely lucky…

There are days when marriage is hard. There are days when I barely see Alan and there are days that I am a total nightmare and I forget just how lucky I am. 

Not only did I stumble across the best friend in the world or the best support for my madness when I met Alan but I found someone who loved me for Me! 

He is the kindest man I know with the biggest heart and the greatest work ethic. He always does all he can to help others and puts everyone else first.

He hates being complimented so this whole thing is going to make him all squirmy 🙂 

Yesterday Alan came home feeling pretty rough and full of the beginnings of a cold AKA man flu!! So I said I would grab some ginger and honey to make him a soothing hot drink (yes he sounds like a softy) but I decided to put together a man flu survival box 🙂 

With a variety of essentials.

So this is all the stuff crammed in a box (apart from the tissues they don’t fit!) 

Here’s a better view

So tissues both a box and packs. 

Fresh ginger, honey, strepsils, reeses pieces, Lindor Chocolates, antibacterial hand gel, olbas oil, some gingerbread biscuits, cold relief medication, Listerine mouth wash, vitamin C tablets and a mug 🙂 

Things like this are my way of showing him just how much he means to me and how much I love him and will always be there to help and do anything I can for him.

I am exceptionally lucky to have such a wonderful husband and life together with such an exciting future. 

Anyway hopefully this little box will help him feel better before the cold takes hold and hits him when he is working so so hard and I don’t like him feeling ill. 

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