This last week and weekend has been all about progress…..progress in many areas. Firstly we have moved forward with the sale of our house. Not just an offer now and things are moving in the right direction so fingers crossed nothing happens and it all goes through!! 

So as well as the house sale moving forward we have been making a bit more progress at the caravan! We have added a ‘skirt’ to our caravan (the great description Sarah gave it) basically we have added some cladding to the bottom of the caravan to help protect it from the wind. 

This was a good team effort with some help from Father-in-law and then Alan and I working as a team to get a lot of the boards in place. We still have some other sides to do but this was a good start!! 

The other thing we have been working on is the next step on the decking for access to the caravan. Since the weather has turned it has begun to get a tad muddy so it is needed now. Alan has been an absolute star today working on getting this all in place ready so we can add the decking next weekend and be one step closer to having proper steps 🙂 

Here is the progress so far! 

Okay so this isn’t quite how we ended the day. Alan worked well into the dark and there were 2 more concreted supports in those holes and 2 more cross supports as well. The mud was a lot more boggy by the end but Alan did an awesome job and bless him for working so hard on his only day off!! 

I shall add more updated pictures next weekend when we do more. We are dog sitting this week so apologies for the obscene amount of dog images that will appear!! 

I have also been working lots and trying to improve my watercolour painting and drawing here are a couple of examples but I have a few more to work on next week 🙂 

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