Torn in Two

The last few weeks have been rather tricky, there has been a lot of back and forth. We love being in the caravan, it is so much closer for Alan’s work and we have more time together so I will never complain.


However we do have a house, a stone built, 4 walled, warm, sturdy house. One with a big kitchen, 2 showers and a very comfy sofa and soon we will be unable to say this is the case. So we need to be making the most of it and actually live in the house a little.

I am so torn!

Not only do we have a house we ought to be making the most of but also trying to live in two places at once is mad and starting to get a bit confusing and messy. Even just having the constant situation with food, making sure there is bits for Alan’s lunch and margarine and the basics. Milk for instance, even if we are there for one night it is nice to have milk for tea!

This is all made harder by the fact that I am the one that needs to pack the caravan up or pack the house up ready to move from one to the other. That means thinking about my clothes, Alan’s clothes for work and at home, warm clothes, slippers, Alan’s xbox, my computer, the Now TV box +controller (I forgot it once which was not helpful) food, any kitchen bits. Any food left in the fridge, emptying the bin, making sure the washing up is done, ensuring the place is tidy and I have fuel.

Then doing all the same again a week later….I also have to make sure we have shower gel in both locations, toilet roll in both places, bin bags and sandwich bags in both homes, toothpaste wherever we are.

The biggest issue we have had is last night. So after Alan showered and we were about to get in to bed, like 11:30, I went to put my phone on charge….only to realise the one thing I has forgotten this time around was BOTH phone chargers.

My phone on 10%, Alan’s on 11%


One of the main issues being that we rely on our phones to wake us up in the morning and Alan needed to be up at 5:30. So at 11:30 last night we were hunting round the house for any spare chargers or cables…….10 minutes later we were getting dressed and heading out to the 24hour Tesco in Wrexham (So glad we were at Ivy) to purchase 2 new chargers.


Now we have chargers in both places….that stops that issue.

This weekend, is BONFIRE NIGHT!! Very exciting as we are having a family party with food, fun and fireworks. I will share some pictures next week. Alan is excited, apparently it is very grown up to be able to buy fireworks and actually light them!! Here is my trial run of Cupcakes!



One thought on “Torn in Two

  1. Sebastian November 13, 2017 / 6:44 pm

    What would Jesus do?


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