I know, I know….

I’ve been terrible again….but not much has happened. The house is still on the market

Still no viewings or interest in the house

Still spending a lot of weekends at the caravan and this week we have been here the whole week. I really do love having Alan home 10 minutes after he rings me at the end of his day! We have tea before 8 and actually have time for movies or to catch up on TV. 

The biggest change has been trying to sort our walkway out so that getting in and out of the caravan isn’t a pain. Though it has meant 4 trips to a builder’s merchant in 3 days. But we are getting there….slowly…. this is progress so far

This is the frame to start with 

This is with planks balanced in place ready. 

We have managed to connect the gas up now which is good. As we can do hot showers and cook!! 

So I managed to cook…..I even managed to do a roast!

I’ll keep you updated with the steps as they get finished! 

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