3rd Time Lucky…

As you know, we are currently trying to sell our lovely house. Unfortunately we have so far had no luck at all which means we are unable to really push forward with the build.

I have called in a 3rd estate agent in the hope that a fresh advert and a new perspective on things will help to push the house and finally sell it as we need to be closer to Alan’s work.

Purple Bricks, all online based estate agency with a fresh approach to the selling of a house. We are hoping they are what we need and that the fees are not overly expensive. This week it will hopefully be going live with them but they have a good average around the area of how long they take to sell. Fingers crossed this will be the fresh push the house needs to get someones attention and sell.

So I spent a large amount of time last week, tidying and sorting the house again, it looks lovely but I have to try and keep it that way!

Along with the interior looking good, the exterior has had a few improvements with new flowers at the front and some nice plants coming out in the back garden!

Please all pray, keep those fingers crossed that we get some interest soon in the house 🙂

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