How Times Have Changed….

After staying in the caravan last week I have managed to get a bit of a cold and the house is now a mess as we haven’t really been here. I have also been working at Quinta helping with Admin work for the last couple of weeks which takes my mornings, then with Volunteering 3 times a week I haven’t had much time at home or to try and feel better.

So today I am taking the day to focus a little on my freelance work and get the house tidied up and looking clean again. Still battling this cold which is now making me cough, anyone who knows me will know that means I am constantly doing a walrus impression!

This weekend though I haven’t been at home, or seen Alan, which was strange. On Friday afternoon I drove to Tunbridge Wells which is where I grew up. Saturday was the Hen do for one of my close friends Fran, she was one of my bridesmaids so I had to be there for her too. Well the Hen do was in Norwich not Kent, but a friend from school was going so we planned to go up together and as it is such a long way from home I was able to stay with her on the friday to make the travel a little easier.

This is Fran! She is a gorgeous person all round and this is my favourite picture of us from my Wedding.


Izzy is someone I was close with at school and sadly lost contact with after sixth form, so we are talking probably 8 years since we have seen each other. Needless to say I was a little anxious seeing her again. I definitely didn’t need to be, she is as lovely as she always has been and exactly the same generous and kind person. It felt like no time had passed and it was lovely to see her again and to meet her little girl.

This was us 8 years ago!!


We made it to Norwich in time for getting out nails done with the group of girls for the Hen do where I was able to see another old friend, who again I haven’t seen in like 8 years. It was strange but lovely to see her again and see her so happy in her life with her own little family.

It took a few hours to get up to Norwich which gave Izzy and I a chance to catch up and there was a lot to catch up on. Lots has happened over the last 8 years and it struck me just how amazing Izzy is. She has been to hell and back over the last 8 years and it is inspiring to see how strong she is and how grounded she is. I have the highest levels of respect for the women, friend, mum, girlfriend, carer, daughter and all round person she has become. I am terrible for being bad at staying in touch but I will make every effort to be there for her and be a friend to her properly. She is a superstar!


House update!

Well we’ve still had no interest at all in the house at the moment, so we are still living in Wrexham, Alan is still commuting and still exhausted. We have been contacted by a different estate agent who are going to be round on Wednesday to talk things through and do a valuation on the property so fingers crossed this will help.

More steel work has arrived om site and I think the bricks have been ordered too, all the plumbing for the caravan has been put into place and covered so that’s good, still just need some gas sorted and a means of getting in and out of the caravan which is still rather tricky.

Alan and I have also decided that we need to get back on track with the weight loss and fitness, which we had kind of started and have recently lost track of. So I am going to push myself, go to the gym, eat better, eat less and try to drink more and be healthier. We have both set goals for what we want to loose by John and Sarah’s wedding in August so we will try our hardest. NO MORE TAKEAWAYS!!!!


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