Our First Time…

…in the caravan!

So this Sunday I was able to complete the painting in the bathroom and we have been able to make the place a little more like home. As the water is now in and working we made plans to stay for the first time this weekend, this has now turned into 4 days in the caravan!

I am currently working in the mornings so have been doing a bit of driving, and today, I have driven to Weston Rhyn (40 mins from the caravan), worked for 4 hours, went to Stan’s, then spent 3 hours doing some freelance work, then drove home, showered, packed a load of stuff to bring to the caravan. Then drove the 50 mins to Welshpool where I did the food shop, then managed to finally get to the caravan, at gone 7pm.

Here are some shots of the work I was doing earlier, Mum was there to lend a hand with getting the backdrop sorted, I’m short, she’s not, she is handy!


I am so tired today and I honestly have no idea how Alan has done this for so long. He leaves crazy early, drives for 50 mins, works super hard, all day, outside, whatever the weather, stays late at work, drives 50 mins home again.  I have always struggled to understand how he feels, but after today with the driving I am feeling so drained and lacking in energy. I feel so bad for complaining in the past that he is always so tired and quiet. But feeling like this I honestly don’t know how he has lasted this long.

We need our house to sell and to move into this caravan, 15 mins from work will make such a massive difference to him and hopefully give him some energy to enjoy life a little more. I would do anything for this man and moving is essential at the moment.

Any way, we are staying in the caravan for the next few days and  I wanted to share a few pictures from the finishing touches;


So the kitchen and the living room are looking good with our TV and a few movies here to keep us entertained.

This is the end result for the toilet re-paint. The walls are blue, very blue with a nice blind and new toilet seat. A slightly random loo seat to be honest. The colour doesn’t really work.

We are still living without the gas in the caravan so no cooker, but we do have a microwave and a BBQ, so for our first night we had BBQ steak and veggies;


A very yummy and successful dinner for our first night here. We slept well and the place is comfortable, we are just looking forward to the future, with decisions being made about bricks and half the steel arriving for the build, it is all very exciting.

As long as I have my best friend by my side, my life is complete but I need to keep pushing to keep him happy and healthy and do all I can to make him as happy as possible.





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