Exciting Weekend! 

This week we were very excited to hear that builder Dave had been on site doing a bit of digging and that Gordon, with help from Alan’s twin John, had connected the water up.

This means not only do we have electricity and a working TV but we now have running water and a working toilet!! The next bit will be getting the gas connected up and working so that we can have hot water, cook and some heating (though we don’t need it at the moment!)

I popped to the caravan on Friday again this week and painted the first coat of blue in the toilet, which is starting to look a lot nicer with a fresh licking of paint. But the other reason I went down was to get the Internet sorted….Hopefully. 

I went to PC World and with the help of a very kind man I managed to find a way of turning the ethernet connection into a wifi signal. Not easy as wired Internet is not very common any more. However there was one little travel device from TP-LINK which can be used for multiple functions and is designed for use when travelling. It can take a wifi signal and boost it, create a hotspot from a computer or work as an access point, creating access wifi signal from a wired connection! And it was only £20. On Friday I took that over with our chrome book and by jove it actually worked. So we now have wifi in the caravan running at 30mb+. This was fantastic news! 

It also rained when I was there…..and holy cow I have never heard rain like it, it was like constant thunder, I couldn’t hear the telly or Alan on the phone. Was a bit of a shock! I got a bit of video but it wasn’t when the rain was at its loudest.  Also you can hear the TV in the background. However the ‘white noise’ sound is actually rain. 

This weekend we are very excited to be able to stay in the caravan for the first time! We have a BBQ with us to cook on and a microwave (cooker is gas so we have to wait to be able to cook properly) but it will be so nice to have our first night there together and for us to see how much of a difference it will make for Alan in the mornings when heading to work. 

So exciting and I will be able to paint the last coat of paint in the toilet and put a new toilet seat on and will share pictures soon of all the caravan and how homely we get it with some of our stuff 🙂 

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