Upgrade Updates…


I can not get over the view we are going to have from this caravan, and eventually our new home.

All the best laid plans, I believe the saying is…

So I had some grand plans for the caravan but there have been a few alterations. Initially I was going to paint the interior of the caravan, I did some research about the best way to do it, however upon looking at the caravan again with new curtains the walls are fine.

They are a mixed cream colour and I was going to paint them a similar colour….totally not worth it. I think the main issue with the caravan was the cushion covers and curtains, they are the elements that made it feel dated.

So I gave a sneak peek last time which shows the kitchen cupboards getting a fresh lick of paint. Definitely needed, they were pretty grim. Along with this I have added a few elements to make it more homely, there is now a kettle, utensil hanging thing, drainer and washing up bowl. The everyday essentials. I have also put up a new blind.

Here is a before and after of the kitchen part of the Caravan.





The only thing I have left to do is cover the bit of wood that the pelmet was hanging from but it will make for a handy shelf!

I was contemplating covering the worktop with a kind of Vinyl plastic that is heat resistant and suitable for covering kitchen work tops. Initially I thought it would be necessary. But having put the first bit down, I really wasn’t sure. It’s amazing stuff, it really is and looks amazing but in the end I decided it wasn’t worth the money to put it in, though it only saved us £10, but every little helps.

Here is how the plastic covering stuff looked…

So the pale fake pine work top is much lighter and looks a lot cleaner, especially against the slightly peach coloured hob that is there. So for anyone wanting to brighten up their kitchen or just give your kitchen a new look, this stuff is only £5 for a 2m roll and it is so easy to apply. Very effective and a cheap way of revamping a tired looking kitchen. I have a feeling that the work top is relatively new so does not need changing.

With the living room, we can’t go to the extent of changing carpet, and though the colour sucks a little it is in good condition. So I made some new curtains, it was handy that the curtains we have in our house are stupidly long so I have been able to cut them in half to make curtains for the caravan. There was a discussion on re-covering the seat cushions but I decided, after a discussion with my mum, that they would be a nightmare to re-do due to the shape of the cushions. So I cheated……kind of, you will see in the picture below.





So we purchased 3 MASSIVE bed spreads, which I have had in the past (though they were pink and pale blue) to cover a white sofa and armchair. They are slightly more robust that a fleecy blanket or throw, though we do have a shed load of those for when it gets chilly. We also got a few new cushions and stuff to make the sofa bit super comfy. For some reason I didn’t take this shot as wide angled as the last, if I had it would show that we do now have a TV set up AND we nearly have internet complete too!! I do still have some curtains left to make and swap in. Again I will be covering the Pelmet thing and it too will be a useful shelf.

So the other area I have actually made a few improvements too is the toilet, the walls were a bit grim and it’s nice to give it a fresh lick of paint. So I have put an undercoat on the walls and a new blind on the window. The hottest thing I have ever done as it is a small space and the sun was shining through the window….very very warm!!


So it is starting to look a little nicer. I have again saved some money here, I was going to paint this room the same as the living room, but I have returned the paint and undercoat for that. I used the undercoat from the kitchen cabinets and we have some left over paint from our house which we can use in there instead. This I think was genius as it saved us a further £30.

I will hopefully finish the painting this week. Fingers crossed we can get the plumbing and water sorted soon as we are desperate to stay there, if it is sorted this week, we have every intention of staying there for the first time on Sunday.

We would appreciate all fingers and toes to be crossed and all prayers that the house gets a little interest soon and we can sell it to a lovely family! That is the next and biggest hurdle we have to get past.

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