Naming our new home! 

So a few weeks ago we had to make a decision on what we wanted to name the house. 

As it’s not on a street we needed to choose a name for the new house. As it’s in Wales it was apparently imperative that it was a Welsh name. This threw up a few issues as we needed the translation of the name to make sense as that is the Welsh way. 

For example another house in the family was Maes Gwersyll which means Camp Field, due to the fact that it a as used as a camp for the workers when the canal was built. 

We struggled to find one that not only made sense but was also pronouncable as we would need to spend the foreseeable future saying the name to people. We also needed it to be easy to spell as we would also spend that time spelling it for those we tell it to. It’s welsh and therefore hard to spell! 

There were a few I liked, Maes Ardwyn was one. Which translated roughly to field on and hill. And though the field is a slope Alan didn’t really feel it counted as a hill. Sadly I had to agree even though I loved how it sounded. 

We then came across Pen-y-cae which translate to End of field. Although a slightly boring translation It works. The house is being built in the last stretch of field in the area where houses have been built and it is the end of yhe field the is owned by Alans family. 

So it made sense

It’s easy to pronounce

and relatively easy to spell

Name chosen! And we love it, it’s a lovely welsh name we can say and spell and we have recently had a confirmation through that the address has officially been registered which is very very exciting! 

I spent a lot of time over the bank holiday weekend in the caravan getting it a little more set up and I promise to share before and after pictures soon. I just want to get a couple more bits sorted first! But we will be there this weekend which will give me the chance to get the final bits done before taking more pictures 🙂 

Here is a sneak peak!

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