Slowly does it….

So as I mentioned last time, I thought I would post a few of the pictures I captured during the process of the caravan delivery.

Massive thanks the the fellers from Salop Leisure who did a sterling job with delivering the caravan to a really rather tricky location!

So the bottom of the drive has a 90 degree turn which was a bit of a squeeze! Lets just say the lads from Salop Leisure where glad it was only 10ft wide and not 12! Also we were grateful for all the patience and understanding of the neighbours that were around at the time. They watched with interest and kindly moved their cars to make the whole process as easy as possible. We really really appreciated it!

After the initial very tight corner there was a narrow and windy drive to navigate before making it to the bottom of the drive to the field. With my father-in-laws new antique lamppost to avoid and a narrow drive it was a tricky operation. So narrow that the wagon was very close to the slope on the one side which made for a very slow progress up the drive.

Having made it to the bottom of the field there was one attempt made to get it to the top….it did not end well, the second the caravan end of the wagon made it to grass it slid sideways. So they decided leaving it on dry ground and using something a little more powerful like a tractor would be the best way to go. So the lovey guys from Salop Leisure (after a well deserved cuppa) left the caravan with us after nearly 2 hours and we made plans for the following day.

After a little discussions with Alan’s Dad and Uncle Hywel about how to proceed, the caravan was slowly pulled up the field. First pulled forwards onto the building site then reversed up the field towards the space we had flattened out ready. This was a VERY slow process as one side of the caravan required planks of wood under the wheel the whole way up. So Alan was placing the planks inline with the wheel then as it moved putting the next, then taking the first and putting it next. Like I say. It was a slow process.

It was slightly hindered when they had to navigate over a rather deep hole, there was a moment when I thought it was going to get stuck in the middle of the field on the hill sideways, but we were okay.

After 2 hours it was up in place. Alan and his Dad then spent a further 3 hours jacking the van up so that it was sturdy and as level as we could get it.

Now it is ready for us to start sorting out, so we have some plans in place for a few improvements we can make to the interior to make it as nice as possible for as cheap as possible. I will share a bunch of before and after pictures of the bits we do to make the place a lovely little home for us to enjoy for the next couple of years. Fingers crossed we will have electricity and TV sorted this weekend with water and plumbing sorted next weekend.

Let the fun begin….

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