The Adventure Starts Right Here!



Initially I wanted this blog to be about everyday working as a freelancer, but that has not really worked or provided much for me to write about. I get distracted and forget anything exciting I could write about.

However, life is a funny thing and can give new and exciting opportunities. A while ago I made a decision. Having left my job last august and started working from home doing odd bits here and there, I realised that my husband was still driving 70 miles a day for work while all I needed for work was an internet connection.

I presented the idea to Alan (the Husband) of moving closer to his work and he was hesitant, which I understood, I mean we had only been in our house a year having spent 6 months doing massive amounts of work to the house. A perfect kitchen, 2 bathrooms, walls moving, doors being relocated. It was a lot of work, it cost a lot and we were very happy with the results.

It took me taking him to see where a house I found was and how close we could be to his work before he started to really consider the benefits of being that much closer to work. Taking his journey from 50 mins on a good day to maybe only 10-15.

There were lots of things for us to consider, location; not just for his work but so I wasn’t completely stranded. Price; we only have so much money out of the house sale we can use for a deposit and we didn’t want future mortgage payments to be out of our price range. Size; we are very lucky to have a 3 bedroom house at the moment, and though there are only 2 of us, I need space for an office and we would like to be able to have kids without having to move again.

With all that in mind I went through many days of looking and there were a few options but nothing that was perfect for us. We were then presented with the offer of purchasing a house that has been in Alan’s family since his grandfather built it,  we were tempted, it had lots of potential but there were a lot of things that also made it seem like a little too much work and it was a bit of a tricky location and the price meant we would struggle to afford it an do the necessary work.

Then there was another option. A little back story, Alan’s family have always built their own houses, there are a few properties across the area that they were involved in building and have lived in for many years. I respect that and LOVE the history it creates. So Alan’s parents converted a barn many years ago and lived there and then built the house they are currently living in and have been since 1991. There is a  bit of land that they still own and Alan’s Dad, Gordon, got some plans drawn up and permission to build a new house which he was going to do over the next 5-10 year. So as the house was built he could save the rest of the money needed for the build.

Investing in this house build and living in the finished property became another option for us as Gordon really wanted the house to stay in the family. So with the money from the sale of our house, which we would have used as a deposit we are able to put that money in, hoping we can now complete the project in 2 years, maybe less (fingers crossed). This means for the next little while (2 years or so) we will be living in a Caravan. We had options to live with parents but we both felt that was a bad idea, and though we could rent, it is so expensive to rent in that area that we would be unable to save.

Saving over the next few years will be vital!! As we still need some funds to complete the house and we want to be able to finish it really nicely with a great kitchen and so on.

So the reason I have started writing about it now, even though this has been the plan for a few months now, is that the caravan we bought (for the lowly sum of £1800!) is now in place ready. Though getting it there was no easy task! It took 2 days to get it in place and then a further day to get it jacked up and secure. I will post a load of pictures soon showing the process of this.

The adventure feels a little more real today than it has done for a while as things are starting to progress further. I will post pictures of the caravan as it is (it’s a 1998 static caravan so the interior is a little dated) and pictures of the tricks I have found for me to try and make it as homely as possible for us.

So as the title says, the adventure starts right here!

Sneak Peak: here are a couple of images of the caravan being delivered and the lovely views we will have once we are moved in!

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