I can’t quite believe it is April already! Recently I came to the decision that April is my favourite month and time of year. Especially in the UK.  

Over the last few years April has been warm and wonderful to a temperature I can deal with, lovely blue skies, slightly longer evenings. All in all a great time of year. Admittedly it can snow in April, or rain the whole month. Bur recently we have a better summer in April than we do in the summer! 

So updates…our house in on the market, with 2 estate agents in the hope we have some interest. It’s been on the market for nearly 3 months now and we have had no interest at all. Which I am finding very frustrating. I just want to move now and get going with things.  That and my husband is exhausted.  Partly due to work being busy and also wanting to work more hours to help us save. We do have a house to build after all 🙂 

This week, and last, have been particularly hard with Alan not being home before 8 which means there is not much time before we have to head to bed. But we push through and I do as much as I can to make life as easy as I can for him. This and the thought of a four day weekend for easter help us keep going. 

Fingers crossed the weather continues so we can get the caravan sorted and maybe tidy our garden up a little for people coming to view it. So many dandelions at the moment! 

We will keep praying and pushing for our new chapter in life to start.

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