I am still alive I promise!

It has been a really really really long time since I have posted here and I have no real excuse for it to be honest. Just life!

So we are trying to sell our house at the moment, we are so desperate for people to want the house so we can move on and get on with the next very exciting chapter of our life together and get going with the adventure of building a house and living in a caravan for the duration of the build.

It’s all exciting and stressful and scary all at the same time as we want to ensure it is all in place and sorted first time around with the right plumbing and wiring to suit all that we want within the house.

Along with this I have been busy with freelance work so that has kept me going and I am now trying to loose weight. I have had issues with my weight for a long time and struggle to get rid of it. Bad joints can make exercise painful and I’ll be honest I like food. I don’t think I eat too unhealthily it is more portion size I think and a serious lack of exercise.

So I am signed up to Weight Watchers to track and monitor what I eat which I have enjoyed so far seeing how low in points I can get my food to be while still being full. I have also joined a gym but find motivation to actually go very hard, though I enjoy it when I am there. I have resistance bands and weights for at home and I need to try and walk more…..however it’s not the nicest area to walk in at the moment as it is on roads and what not. But when we move, we will be living at the side of the canal and with a perfectly picturesque towpath to walk on I am hoping I will find it easier to go for nice walks.

I think I need to sort out some music on my phone to listen to, I have been relying on Harry Potter audio books recently but having finished the series (for the 5th time or something silly) I don’t really want to listen to them again, just yet 🙂

I also think the whole going out to walk thing will be easier once we get a dog, which I have been promised when we move….though this has now been pushed till we are actually in our house, caravan and puppy is maybe not the wisest thing in the world. One day I will have a dog this I am sure on!

Anyway, Day one of being more motivated for activeness and movement, healthy eating and more positive thinking oh and of course looking forward to the next chapter and challenges ahead 🙂