Caravan caravan take us away….

So the ball is rolling! We are very lucky that’s Alans dad knows everyone in the local area and works with a large number of them! This has come in handy when looking for a caravan. We get a good quality caravan for a very good price and have been  able to confirm that they can get I where we need it. 

Sadly the site for the house is up a slightly narrow and tight drive so we had a fear we wouldn’t actually manage to get a caravan up the drive. They have said it will be possible and will do all they can to help us get it where we need it. 

So having sold my car we can actually afford the caravan and have reserved it and once the site is ready for it and the house is sold we can get it set up and wired in and we will be ready to go. 

It’s quite a scary thought really. It’s hard to imagine and slightly daunting but we are looking forward to it. It’s going to be tough but also exciting and being right there as the house gets built will be so fascinating and exciting. A tough time ahead but worth it for the results. 18 months in a caravan whilst saving every penny we can. 

A challenge but BRING. IT. ON!! 


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