An Exciting Future!

Towards the end of last year my freelance work had slowed down and it felt like anything that could go wrong did go wrong. We had to get new tyres for one car, an oil and filter change for the other and a few days in London meant food being spent on train tickets and meals out. This along with a week away from home and a New Year’s gathering at ours meant that life felt expensive and hectic.

This new year has brought in some great new work and some exciting opportunities that many people of our age would kill for.

We are now in the process of preparing our house to be sold, this has meant we have a builder here every day helping to fix the issues left by the original workers. We are lucky he has become a good friend since working in the houses on our road. Thanks to him the house is looking much neater and will hopefully mean we can sell it nice and quickly.

It has now been valued and we are feeling happy with the valuation as the area we are in really hinders the value of the property. Also, we are lucky that there is a new Super Prison due to open later this year which means lots of people relocating or moving to the area to start a new job.

We are hoping we can sell it quick though we are both very sad to move on, we love this house and it has been our first grown up house. I love my kitchen too, I don’t want to leave it but I will be able to get another kitchen soon. It is more important for us to be moving into a house nearer to Alan’s work than it is to have a very lovely kitchen.

But to add to this, we are moving into a caravan…. well that is the plan.

You see we are going to be building a house. Complete madness I know, we are 26 and building a house!! We are fortunate that Alan’s Dad has been planning to build a house for a little while and was working to a 5-10 year build. However, with our investment after selling our house, we can help that project to be completed much faster. So, to help with saving money we are planning to buy a static caravan and live in it on site whilst the build happens.

So, I am hoping I can share every stage of the build here, I will try (and I mean try) to keep it updated every day and add some pictures. We are extremely fortunate to have the opportunity and need to be careful with money for a while so we can continue to add to the project fund.

It is exciting and we have just had 100% confirmation that we can go ahead with it. It is very exciting and we now need to get going with finding and sorting a caravan out and getting our house on the market and sold. Sad but exciting few months!!

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