Drowning in washing!! 

One of the joys of being a wife is the washing…the job my lovely husband does is long hours and rather muddy, smelly work. So there is a lot of washing to do. 

I spent a large amount of time yesterday trying to catch up….still not even close…but there was a lot of stuff to put away. So I asked Alan to help me out it all away and he did, this time around, help.


Having finished I asked him to fold the bags up while I cleaned my teeth. When I was done I was just in the bedroom and noticed…under the folder bags…a bag of washing that hadn’t been put away. 

Alan had noticed it and hid it under the empty bags so he didn’t have to put it away….he tried to deny this but couldn’t stop laughing. 

So I started folding it and putting it away whilst he lay in bed he asked a few times if I wanted help but his lack of movement to actually help put his clothes away indicated that he really didn’t mean it!!! He sat there with a funny little smile on his face. He is a lovable nutter but I really hate doing the washing. I still have like 4 loads to do 😦 


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