Caravan caravan take us away….

So the ball is rolling! We are very lucky that’s Alans dad knows everyone in the local area and works with a large number of them! This has come in handy when looking for a caravan. We get a good quality caravan for a very good price and have been  able to confirm that they can get I where we need it. 

Sadly the site for the house is up a slightly narrow and tight drive so we had a fear we wouldn’t actually manage to get a caravan up the drive. They have said it will be possible and will do all they can to help us get it where we need it. 

So having sold my car we can actually afford the caravan and have reserved it and once the site is ready for it and the house is sold we can get it set up and wired in and we will be ready to go. 

It’s quite a scary thought really. It’s hard to imagine and slightly daunting but we are looking forward to it. It’s going to be tough but also exciting and being right there as the house gets built will be so fascinating and exciting. A tough time ahead but worth it for the results. 18 months in a caravan whilst saving every penny we can. 

A challenge but BRING. IT. ON!! 

An Exciting Future!

Towards the end of last year my freelance work had slowed down and it felt like anything that could go wrong did go wrong. We had to get new tyres for one car, an oil and filter change for the other and a few days in London meant food being spent on train tickets and meals out. This along with a week away from home and a New Year’s gathering at ours meant that life felt expensive and hectic.

This new year has brought in some great new work and some exciting opportunities that many people of our age would kill for.

We are now in the process of preparing our house to be sold, this has meant we have a builder here every day helping to fix the issues left by the original workers. We are lucky he has become a good friend since working in the houses on our road. Thanks to him the house is looking much neater and will hopefully mean we can sell it nice and quickly.

It has now been valued and we are feeling happy with the valuation as the area we are in really hinders the value of the property. Also, we are lucky that there is a new Super Prison due to open later this year which means lots of people relocating or moving to the area to start a new job.

We are hoping we can sell it quick though we are both very sad to move on, we love this house and it has been our first grown up house. I love my kitchen too, I don’t want to leave it but I will be able to get another kitchen soon. It is more important for us to be moving into a house nearer to Alan’s work than it is to have a very lovely kitchen.

But to add to this, we are moving into a caravan…. well that is the plan.

You see we are going to be building a house. Complete madness I know, we are 26 and building a house!! We are fortunate that Alan’s Dad has been planning to build a house for a little while and was working to a 5-10 year build. However, with our investment after selling our house, we can help that project to be completed much faster. So, to help with saving money we are planning to buy a static caravan and live in it on site whilst the build happens.

So, I am hoping I can share every stage of the build here, I will try (and I mean try) to keep it updated every day and add some pictures. We are extremely fortunate to have the opportunity and need to be careful with money for a while so we can continue to add to the project fund.

It is exciting and we have just had 100% confirmation that we can go ahead with it. It is very exciting and we now need to get going with finding and sorting a caravan out and getting our house on the market and sold. Sad but exciting few months!!

Poorly Boy

Now I pride myself on the fact that I am very rarely sick, and by sick I mean physically throwing up. I get the odd cold and sore throat and have had my fair share of Tonsillitis. So much so they took them out in fact. Anyway, I was running on a 9 year streak of not throwing up until my first ever migraine a couple of months back.

I am lucky to have a husband that is built of pretty sturdy stuff and though he works outside the most he ever gets is a bit of a sore back or a cold that will leave him moaning for a few days. Beyond that there is never anything much wrong with him and he is the strong one of the two of us. Sure he will have the occasional migraine and the odd hangover that will cause the standard ill feelings but the latter is self inflicted and met with little to no sympathy.

So today has been a little bit of a shock to the system and something I have struggled to cope with. Having woken up at 6 to get him off to work, he felt a bit poorly and after half an hour decided that he couldn’t drive to work as he was being sick. He said he would wait and see how he felt as he hates not being at work. He feels like he is letting his lads down when he isn’t in a typically he will power through and get on with it. However today has been a slightly different story, every 30 mins or so he has been off to the loo again to throw up and had little to eat or drink as it doesn’t stay down.

Unfortunately, I am one of those people that really hates people being sick, I hate the sound, the smell the whole thing, it makes me freak out that I am going to be sick and that makes everything worse. Also I just feel helpless as there really isn’t anything I can do to help. I have provided water, been to get coke when requested, made toast, filled a of water bottle, taken him ice and a cold cloth all the things I can think of and yet he is still poorly. My big strong best friend is suffering and it sucks. I can’t imagine how crap he is feeling and I hate it. He hasn’t complained once either, he has just got on with it whilst feeling guilty for being poorly and not being at work. Madness!!

It is always worse seeing someone you love ill than being ill yourself I reckon. I care so much for him and wish there was something I could do to take it away from him. But I am hoping it passes and he does begin to feel better, not sure what to do if it carries on as it is the weekend…..need to see what drop in centres there are around here just in case I think….


Drowning in washing!! 

One of the joys of being a wife is the washing…the job my lovely husband does is long hours and rather muddy, smelly work. So there is a lot of washing to do. 

I spent a large amount of time yesterday trying to catch up….still not even close…but there was a lot of stuff to put away. So I asked Alan to help me out it all away and he did, this time around, help.


Having finished I asked him to fold the bags up while I cleaned my teeth. When I was done I was just in the bedroom and noticed…under the folder bags…a bag of washing that hadn’t been put away. 

Alan had noticed it and hid it under the empty bags so he didn’t have to put it away….he tried to deny this but couldn’t stop laughing. 

So I started folding it and putting it away whilst he lay in bed he asked a few times if I wanted help but his lack of movement to actually help put his clothes away indicated that he really didn’t mean it!!! He sat there with a funny little smile on his face. He is a lovable nutter but I really hate doing the washing. I still have like 4 loads to do 😦