The Joys of the South

So I have to start by explaining that I did grow up in the south….I was born in Pembury and lived in Tunbridge Wells until I was 18. At this point my dad got a new job and we moved up to Shropshire to live on the border with North Wales.

I wasn’t that happy about going. Leaving my friends and the boyfriend I had at that time. Anyway I spent a large amount of the first 6 months travelling back and forth and eventually went to uni. 

Now, some 7 years later I am married and settled in North Wales and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. It is however nice to occasionally visit the south, my brother and his wife and my friends. Ever more occasionally to take a trip to the big city which, until I took him, my husband had never done. 

So we decided with some of our wedding money to book ourselves a trip to London to see a show and have a chance of meeting up with a few friends. This started with our train being 15 minutes late on a freezing cold morning followed by a dash across chester station to make it onto our second train. This was then diverted back to Birmingham adding 45 minutes onto our journey…….when your husband hates trains this does not start the trip off well. 

We made it to London and we found our hotel and I have to say we could not have been more central. We were 5 mins from trefalgar square. 5 mins from Covent gardens. 5 minutes from Leicester Square and 15 mins from the London eye. So we headed towards the river and headed up to the London eye which Alan had never been on… we were presented with an hours queuing even though we had tickets. By the time it was dark we made it onto the wheel and London looked stunning at night! 

We then met my friends for a meal which was lovely and headed back to watch a movie in our hotel. The next day we managed to meet up with a friend of Alans before heading out to Greenwich where we paid to go into the observatory where the meridion line is. However there was a cue of tourists just to take your picture standing on the line. The lasa that normally shines out over London showing the line was not working and you could no longer get a certificate with the exact time you were there…..that and it was at the top of a very steep hill. From there we made our way back to the ferry where we enjoyed a 40 minute wait for the taxi boat….finally back at the hotel we put another movie on and I fell asleep…..Lots of walking around does that to me. 

The highlight has to be the show though. We saw phantom of the Opera and it was brilliant. The singing, the staging, the costumes, everything. We enjoyed it immensely with a lovely late night meal out after. The theatre was only 10 mins walk from where we were staying so it was around nice little wonder across trafalgar square seeing the Christmas tree.

We spent a bit of time the next day in Leicester Square and Covent garden just wasting a bit of time before we made our way to Euston a little early…only to realise when we got there that we left our luggage at the hotel!!! So we quickly made our way back to the hotel to then go back to Euston where we waited for our train! 

A lovely lovely trip but we both miss home and the green space where we live. It’s hard to wonder slowly and enjoy your surroundings a little in London and even harder to walk hand in hand. People are rude and just walk into you so we like the odd visit. But they will stay just that. An odd visit now and then. 

I never thought it would happen but I’m a bit of a country bumpkin now and I know Alan is the same. Also we haven’t been home since before Christmas so we are looking forward to sleeping in our own bed again tonight! 


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