The Big Kid I Married


Now as every married women will know, it can be tricky. Some even have the added stress of the man they married still being a massive kid at heart. I have been so lucky to find someone who loves me and I love him, massively, and his childish ways. However, it can also be a challenge but I think, personally, it is important to face these challenges with a smile, try to be positive and make life fun.

I have struggled with positivity all my life but since my job ended and I went freelance and we got married I am trying to force myself into positive thinking and to turn frustration into fun.

A previous example of this would be from a little over a year ago. When Alan and I were living in my little one bedroom flat I gave him a box of Lindor chocolates (one of his weaknesses). Over the next few days I was finding the wrappers from these chocolates everywhere!! The bedside table, kitchen, coffee table, there were even a few in the bathroom.

Instead of getting annoyed I simply turned it into a bit of a game for myself, posting the pictures on Facebook each time I found one and make comments as though I was tracking a rare creature. It was very amusing and on the plus side he got a little embarrassed so ended up collecting them all and throwing them away 🙂

So this time around it was something a little different Alan has a habit of not throwing things away as demonstrated, this time though it was the box from his Toothpaste. I asked if he was keeping it for any special reason to which I had the reply of ‘to make a rocket’ and I asked when he was planning to make it just so I knew how long it would be sitting on the bathroom shelf. He replied that he was busy and wasn’t sure when he was going to get around to it but he was going to.

Obviously I am now used to hearing all kinds of excuses for why rubbish makes it only so far and never quite to the bin. However, this excuse amused me greatly as it was not what I was expecting to hear. So, last night as I was falling asleep I was planning out how I could quickly and easily turn his toothpaste tube into a rocket for him.

Alan starts work early (normally in by 7 at the very latest) and as I bought a house that is an hour away from his work (this was before we were engaged or married) he has a bit of a commute for the time being. Some days I will now get up when he does and stay awake as I struggle to get up otherwise. This morning I spent this time making him a rocket.


Okay so it’s a bit naff and as someone pointed out the windows don’t look great and are a tad odd but I was going with the simple and quick idea. That’s what a 6am start does to me apparently.

Don’t get me wrong, one of the things I love about Alan is his ability to be a bit of a child and enjoy life, someone who doesn’t get hung up on things that are going on and is laid back. I think he has helped me to chill out a little (though I am still pretty bad to be honest) but he makes me feel safe and though I do the ‘adulting’ I wouldn’t change him for anything and love him just the way he is, rockets and all.

I have also started his Christmas gift and made myself a cute little pin cushion. The gift I will share late, don’t want to ruin the surprise or anything 🙂


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