A Wonderful Weekend


What a beautiful weekend it has been.

I have been meaning to post for the last few days, I made a promise to myself that I would be more proactive with this blog and post frequently so I will endeavour to do better 🙂

Anyway, this weekend has been full of fun things to share, on Saturday morning I went shopping to an amazing place called Abakhan which is a craft outlet type place selling craft bits and a huge range of fabric! The reason for the visit is pretty basic really but Alan gets cold when sleeping so he asked me to make him a fleece lined patchwork quilt for Christmas. We do have one which I made maybe 5 years ago, but it was made for my single bed at uni so I need to make one that is quite a bit bigger.

So I came up with a a design, I will probably regret it later when I actually try and actually put it all together but we shall see. I then tried to do some maths to work out how much of each fabric I would need….this went really really wrong and trying to work in both inches and centimetres was an error. So Mum to the rescue!! Before we left she sat and helped me work out what I needed with assistance from my Dad as well 🙂

We went and found all the fabric I needed and a few other things to help me in the making process of the quilt so I am excited to get started, here is the pattern I am trying to work to…


We will see if I can get it looking anything close to this.

I also saw my parents dog Alfie and caught a video of him going mental when looking round an empty property at my Dads work. Love this little guy, he is full of beans and an intelligent and loving dog!

Alan did have an issue with his car at one point so I headed to meet him at my parents which is halfway between his work and home so we could sort it out and I have to say the weather was cold but beautiful, the sky was stunning…


On Sunday, it was such a lovely chilled out day. Alan works half of Saturday and at the moment that means he gets home at like 3 maybe 4 in the afternoon so Sunday is the only day he is home for the whole day! I now love Sunday’s more than ever! After a lie in and curling up watching a movie together we popped out to do a little bit of shopping and then headed out for a lovely meal.

We have been married nearly 3 months now and it’s the first meal out or proper date night since our Honeymoon really so I made a bit of an effort and actually bothered putting makeup on! Big deal I know 🙂

As you can see he loves having his picture taken 🙂 Our weird face pictures are always my favourite 🙂

We went out to The Corn Mill restaurant in Llangollen which my parents have enjoyed on multiple occasions.

The food was AMAZING and the chocolate brownie in particular was just awesome. It’s a lovely quirky restaurant in an old mill and right on the river so in the summer you can sit outside next to the river and the views are stunning.

The staff were friendly and efficient, the menu was varied with a great option to suit everyone. The price was pretty good as well. For the 2 of us, we had 3 courses and a drink for £60, personally for the food we had it was great value!

We were going to head to the cinema after dinner to watch Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them but it was a bit late and with a 6am start in the morning for Alan and 9pm movie was a bad idea. Hopefully we will be able to see it next weekend or during the week…..that is if Alan gets home before 8pm one night this week….

Personally it was just a lovely chilled weekend with my parents and my husband and it was a nice way to spend my time. Though I wish for there to be more Sundays in a week!

This week I will be working on a few freelancing projects (I hope) and some Christmas craft ones too which I will share with you 🙂


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