Hobby Craft Haul


Any man with a creative wife, girlfriend or sister will see this sign and be instantly filled with fear! But for all those wives, girlfriends and sisters out there who have a creative side, this sign is one of pure joy, excitement and money spending ways!

I was wise, and I would advise all other female creatives to do the same when visiting a store such as this, ensure you have an agreed upon budget that you must try your very hardest to stick to. This way you may be trusted to enter alone and then you may browse to your hearts content.

I have recently, well not that recently anymore, stopped working full time and moved into the world of freelance, which is good, hard but good. It has been great to work with such a variety of people on a range of projects from logo design to book layout. However, it can be a little hard forcing yourself to sit in front of a computer and be creative all the time. So I decided, as it is coming up to Christmas that I would set myself up with a few different creative projects that I can work on as well as the freelancing.

I am so very lucky to have a Husband, however new he may be, that is in a fantastic job he loves and that pays well enough that I don’t have to work full time. This have given me the chance to be creative on my own stuff; photography, illustrations, baking, crafts, anything really with bits of freelance work when I can get it.

Anyway, back to my Hobby Craft Haul. So I was allowed out to my nearest Hobby Craft today whilst Alan was at work. Dangerous move, but he has not realised just yet. I went with a few ideas in mind of what I wanted to kit myself out for. Most ideas, like many creatives today came from Pinterest, love this site but can be a tad dangerous 🙂

So here is what I came home with;20161123_125735

I came away with.

Mini Jars                                                                 Ice cream tubs

20161123_165615       20161123_165629

Alphabet Stamps                                                 Multi Coloured Ink Pad

20161123_165853    20161123_165925


Stripy Ribbon                                                        Circle Paper Punch

20161123_165932    20161123_165945


Christmas Stamps                                               Christmas Tags

20161123_165957     20161123_170003


Fine Detail Pen                                                      Metal Ruler

20161123_170011     20161123_170030


4 Small Square Canvas                                       Square and C6 cards and envelops

20161123_170047     20161123_170115


Mini Storage Boxes              Mini Glue Gun

20161123_170123         20161123_170221






I love buttons, so many colours…….love it.

I think this is an impressive collection of bits with lots of potential and gift bits that I can put together ready for Christmas!

Over the next little while I will be making different goodies and will make sure I share them. A shop like this is great for getting your hands all not only the essential tools but a load if fun extras to really let the creative juices flow.

Any who I must go, I have lots of buttons to play with!

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